Mentoring and Counselling

These services are available on a 1:1 or small group basis dependent on need.

The service can provide:

  • targetted support to a person on the autistic spectrum
  • identification of strategies for accepting and understanding their ASD
  • identification of targets in order to develop strengths and address differences
  • liaison and feedback between agencies, families and the person being mentored
  • regular support sessions or a small number of inputs aimed at personal awareness raising
  • support with specific transitions such as home to school, school to college, college to work or moving home
  • support in education to reduce stress and anxiety such as engaging with Higher Education courses
  • additional requirements as those identified by agencies already supporting the individual, e.g. CAMHS, PCT, Mental Health organisations etc.

If you require further information about these services please email me identifying (if you can) the specific nature of the mentoring or counselling requirement. Contact John –