Music and autism

Dr. John Biddulph has developed a music and sound programme suitable for all ages using music and sound for autism. Autistic people whether they have a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome or Autism, whether or not they are diagnosed formally or moving towards diagnosis have been seen to benefit from following the programme which can be delivered in the school, in the specialist centre, in the community and importantly, in the home. Having followed a training course, the programme can be delivered by non-specialists with no formal music training or specialist instrument skills.

Professor Tony Attwood wrote of John’s music programme: “You work with children with autism using music in a fascinating and unique way. I strongly endorse your approach and intuitively find it extremely appealing”

The music and autism programme has received national and international recognition and acclaim.

Training in the methodology and delivery of the programme is available at all levels: for those interested in delivering the programme as part of a wider initiative (for example, in clinical or education settings), for professionals wishing to incorporate it into their practice, for community groups and for individuals wishing to use it in the home.

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