Music Workshops

Outreach Music Workshops
These are musical experiences for everyone – irrespective of age & ability. They are interactive sessions where each person can delight in controlling sound in many different ways.

They can be one-off events with or without performances, or they can build into long-term projects which can lead to several performances.

There are percussion workshops, workshops where the voice is the only sound source (not just singing!), music technology workshops and many more.

For children, we have a range of music technology that all children can use to make the most exciting sounds without using traditional techniques.

Workshops can incorporate short live performances by Outreach to enable children to experience the world of music through live and interactive performance activities.

Most workshops result in recorded activities that can be duplicated on CD and/or DVD.

Outreach ‘Virtual-Composer-in-Residence’

The cost of having a composer-in-residence can be prohibitive! With an Outreach Virtual-Composer- in-Residence you can:-

  • share and upload ideas and themes online with a real composer
  • receive professional feedback
  • develop composing skills
  • exchange ideas

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